Pluto Quaker Parrot Talking Quaker Parrot

Pluto talks a lot - All day long!

Here is a list of the things Pluto says throughout the day through his interaction with us. I have explained the context for some of the words and phrases.



Heya Buddy

How ya going?


Bye Bye


Nigh Nigh’s time (Pluto asks to go to bed at around the same time each night. If I put him to bed earlier you will often find him at the bottom of his cage peering under his cover, calling out “Good Morning” – in other words I am not ready yet!)

Good Morning (As soon as he hears a ruffle in the bed he begins to call out Good Morning with many reflections until is cover is removed. Not much can beat his sweet greetings in the morning. J)


What ya doing? Or What are you doing?



What’s that?

What is it?

Who’s my good boy?

Where’s Daddy?

Can you hear the birdies? Birdies!!


Do you want some? (This phrase is probably the only phrase I ever regret Pluto learning. He uses it in combination with a screaming fit when his demands are not met. Well I guess the positive is at least I know what he is screaming about. J )



Yum Yum Yum Yum Yuuuuum


Thank you


Wanna play Peek-a-boo?

Ahhhhh, Peek-a-boo

You’re funny (whilst laughing like mum)

Where’s Pluto? Pluto where are you? Oh there you are.

What does a chicken say? Bok bok bok bok-air

What does a pig say? Oink oink oink (currently his favourite)

What does a rooster say? Cock-a-doodle-do

Oo oo oo (after being asked what a monkey says – can’t say monkey yet)

Meow (after being asked what a cat says – has decided he doesn’t want to say cat)

Eeee eeeee eeeee (new sound that sounds like a machine gun and has recently associated it)

Tickle tickle tickle (this can go on for AGES – very repetitive – fluffs up like a ball lifting his wings and playing with his foot)

I’m gonna get ya.


Quick quick quick quick

Bit of Lovin’

Have you got cuddles?

Cuddles… oh  ohhh mmmm cuuuudles…

Have you got kisses? Mmmuah kisssssessss

I love you.

I love you tooooo.

Being naughty or in trouble

Very naughty

Be careful

Better be a good boy

Stop it

Don’t Bite me

Kiara (our naughty little staffy)

Kiara, in your bed!


Get in your bed!


Come on

Come here

You say it.

What about? (when he wants to change the subject)


Coffeeeee (calls out when coffee is ready)

Coffee time

Shake hands

Go potty (If only he would say this before going potty)


Good Boy

What a good good good _ _ _ boy…. (very excitable and often rewards himself when he thinks he has done a good job practising)

Pluto’s my good boy.


Very good boy


Oops a day (when he drops something – usually his pellets)

Do you wanna bath? (he will ask for a bath and if I don’t get on to it quick smart I will hear him in his drink bowl with a rub a dub dub)

Rub a dub dub, in the bath tub (during bath time)


Sing a song?


Sing with me?

Are you gonna sing? (If I haven’t started singing and he wants me to sing he will stop and ask if I am going to sing too)


Chickety China the chinese chicken
You have a drumbstick and your brain stops tickin

Quaker Song
I’m a little ‘do do’, green and stout, (do do stands for Quaker but I rarely hear him say Quaker)
Open the cage and let me out,
Better pick me up or else I’ll squawk,
Rub my tummy and I’ll talk
Dance, Boogie, do do dooo, do do di dooo (repeats)

Old MacDonald had a farm
(he is doing OK so far but has trouble singing it order. The excitement gets too much for him and he often repeats the same line a few times)

Old MacDonald had a farm
and on that farm he ….. (gets too excited and ends with) ster (as in rooster)
with a cock-a-doodle-do …
annnnnnd a cock-a-doodle-do there
here a cock, there a cock, everywhere (so fast it is funny)
cock-a-doodle-do (so excited again it hardly comes out right)

Will also do a chicken version at the end – “here a bok, there a bok, everywhere” and will usually finish with a rooster sound. He he he


Door Squeeks. (Pluto opens all the doors in our house especially the toilet door. As soon as he sees us headed in that direction he promptly opens the door before we reach it.)

Zipper Noise. (When unzipping bags or even today when I put my slipper boots on, Pluto is there to lend a hand with his zipper noise.)

Milk Frother. (It had to happen. Sitting on our shoulder as we make coffee, Pluto has picked up the sound of the milk frother and will chime in if he thinks it needs some help)

Rah! Rah rah rah (Bit of a game actually. He bops his head and says Rah, and then I have to do it and as I get closer he will go rah rah rah really fast. pretty cute actually)