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My Fussy Parrot

So I am going through a stage with Pluto where he has become a little fuss pot. He has always been fussy about his Pellets (must be Roudybush or else I will starve myself) but lately he is even choosing whether or not he will eat fruits and veggies that I give him. So last week I decided to get creative!

I went to the store and bought an organic bread mix, came home and cut up broccoli, green beans, fresh corn off the cob, green peas, grated carrot. I got the processor out and threw in two eggs whole, oats, the veggies and then I had this ‘bright’ idea, I’ll throw in some of those pellets he wont eat. So I mixed it all up, put it into my bread mix, put it in a tray and sprinkled some seeds on top and baked it in the oven. When i pulled it out, it was so moist and looked soooo yummy.

Parrot Bread

Parrot Bread

Moist Parrot Bread

Moist Parrot Bread

All excited, I wait for it to cool down to a nice warm bread and I cut a piece off for Pluto. At first he proclaims how yummy it is however after a few minutes he looks at me and runs down to the side of the cage asking “Do you want some?” meaning he doesn’t like it and wants something else. I check the leftovers to find he has picked out the corn and peas and left the rest!!! For goodness sake I could have just put them in a bowl on their own instead of going to all this trouble!

So what do I do? I taste it! hehehe I was thinking what on earth is wrong with it that he wont touch it, I better taste it. Well the ‘pellets’ that he hates, had flavoured the WHOLE bread. It was a complete disaster and serves me right for thinking I could get one over on a Quaker Parrot! hehehe

The next morning I had one more idea up my sleeve. Rather than toast his regular human bread in the morning I toasted the ‘new’ bread and spread a little peanut butter on it to see if I could get him to eat it. Nope! He sat there and licked the peanut butter off, ripped the bread apart to find the peas and corn and left the rest, screaming for his usual breakfast.

So lesson learnt. Never try to get one over on Pluto when you are dealing with food! And just give up and give the bread to the dogs!

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