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Parrot Diet – Keeping your Parrot Healthy

We will only briefly touch the topic of diet and then point you to a fantastic site to gather more information.

Most Parrots can eat what we eat with a few exceptions. Fresh vegetables, fruits and grains make a healthy addition to their diet. A food called “pellets” should be the base of a parrot’s diet not “seeds” like most people believe.

Some Parrot food available from Amazon are linked below.

Roudybush Pellets – These are Pluto’s favourite pellets and the ONLY pellets he will eat. He is also particular about the size preferring the “Small” size. It’s just the right size for him to grasp in his claw and eat.

ZuPreem – is another good brand that has been recommended and used by other friends I know with Quakers.

Some of the ‘cheaper’ pellets don’t have the blend of nutrients as some others so I suggest making a comparison and even mixing a few together.

These days’ companies specialize in making pellets specifically for pet parrots. These pellets incorporate all the nutrients that a wild parrot would eat. When a baby parrot is weaned they are generally weaned to seeds, this is because seeds are softer and easier to eat. It is recommended that as soon as you are able; reduce the amount of seeds slowly and introduce pellets. Seeds should never be completely removed from their diet. They still need the ability to crack open seeds, foraging around etc…

We personally give seeds once a week and we also provide Pluto with multi-grain bread where he picks out all of the grains and rips the rest of the bread to shreds or throws it on the ground.

Pluto always has pellets in his cage. We had a bit of a tough time finding a pellet that he would eat. Six brands later we found he liked Roudybush. Then we were told about a new South African Mix and thought it smelt great – has a nutty smell – the little bugger won’t touch it. We mix it with the one he likes and he sifts through them and eats all the ones he likes and leaves the rest! Fussy fussy…

As well as his pellets, Pluto gets fresh veggies – frozen if we are naughty (our rescue reserves) – fruit, multi-grain bread, yoghurt on occasion, what ever we are eating (if allowed), eggs, chicken, meat, pizza and most things.

We change his water everyday.

The biggest no no’s are avocado, fruit seeds and chocolate.

As mentioned in other areas of this site we are apart of a great forum called Here you will be able to find out the real nitty gritty information about Quaker and parrot Diets.

Read further information on diets at

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