Pluto Quaker Parrot Talking Quaker Parrot

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The great things about owning a Quaker Parrot

If you want a laugh, owning a Quaker parrot is certainly one way to get it. Pluto makes us laugh day in and day out. He has so many funny characteristics that you can’t help but laugh at him.

Sometimes it may just be the way he says something, something he does or when he says something. We find ourselves talking to each other about the funny things Pluto has done throughout the day or earlier in the week.

It is so hard to describe their personality, especially in a way that is believable. Reading what I have written so far, I can imagine back to before “Pluto” and think how I would have thought this is an exaggeration. We hope that the videos we have provided show some insight into the daily lives we have here.

Quaker Intelligence

We often discuss Pluto’s intelligence. We are still amazed by it and because we like to analyse everything, we try to rebut it by discussing other ways he could have learnt or made an association with something. Most of the time it just comes back to the fact; he is probably more intelligent than we give him credit.

Pluto learnt to “Go Potty” on command in half a day.  Unfortunately we haven’t got to the point where Pluto can warn us that he wants to go potty; however we have heard that other owners have Quakers that will walk/fly to certain areas that are “potty” zones.

Funny Stuff Pluto does…

When music is playing, Pluto likes to dance or sing along. If he is not singing his own songs he makes these funny noises which sound like someone who is pretending they know the words to the song.

When the dogs are naughty, he will call out “Kiara, Stop it!” Kiara knows that it isn’t one of us so she just ignores it.

He loves to have a shower and will sit on top of the railing singing and chatting.

Occasionally he will have funny obsessions with certain toy within his cage. There was this period where a particular toy had to be placed into his food bowl. If he saw that it wasn’t in his food bowl he would look for it, find it and then take it back to his bowl. When we realized this, we couldn’t help but tease him a little. It was too funny to watch!

When we click our fingers he immediately thinks that it is time to dance and will start bobbing his head and singing “Dance, Boogie, da da daa, d da d daa, Dance Boogie”

Often the little character will tell us what he wants us to say for him. By this we mean; he will begin the word or sentence. For example if he has said something that would generally get a reaction of “what a good boy” he will turn to us and say “what a”, if no response was made “what a” and so on… But he does this with nearly everything that he knows…. Just depends on what he wants us to say at the time.

Games Pluto plays

There are a couple of games we play.

When lying on the bed, Pluto will drop his head below our chin to “hide” and will say “ahhhhhhh” then lift his head to look into our face and say “Peek-a-boo”. We can also cover our own faces and his head with our hands to the same effect.

One funny memory was a time when he was pottering around and I happened to be outside. I must have been slightly out of sight and he thought I was hiding. He poked his head around the corner and said “Peek-a-boo”.

Boy, you only have to mention “Gonna-get-ya” and he goes into hysterics running around frantically yelling “gonna-get-ya, gonna-get-ya”. He goes so nutty that he ends up running right back to you because he can’t wait to say “Gotchaaaaa”.

You know the noise you make when you blow on a babies belly? Well we play this with Pluto. We will make the raspberry noise and blow on Pluto’s neck or belly and then Pluto will lift his head so he is straight and tall and then he lowers his beak to the ground or to a part of our body and will make the raspberry noise. Then he giggles and says “You’re funny”. Of course we laugh which encourages him to do it over and over.

Bed Play Time under the covers
Sometimes throughout the day one or both of us will take Pluto into the bed. A lot of bonding is derived from playing in the bed. Pluto loves this time and looks for ways he can go running under the covers. We laugh at how funny he looks when his legs go into turbo mode. He can be so fast! Once under the covers, Pluto turns into a completely different being. He begins to purr, fluff his feathers, loves playing gonna-get-ya, raspberries and LAUGHING. The giggles never stop. As soon as he is in the giggles begin and it is contagious.

Unfortunately bed time can also be slightly dangerous for “me”. This is where a lot of “my” bites occur. I have to admit that I have not quite figured out what happens to receive a bite but some behaviour tells me that he could get a little too excited and I have either not played the game correctly or he is slightly “frustrated”. Fortunately he has never gone to bite me on the face; it has only been my fingers.